Shaun Robison

Shaun Robison © Shaun Robison Productions 2013 | All Rights Reserved

The Charming Deceptionist

Photographs by Patrick Orlowski

AUDIENCES WILL BE APPLAUDING YOU for what you have done to make this event THE BEST ONE THEY HAVE EVER GONE TO!!

Shaun gaurantees his performance as the most fun everyone will have or your money back!

His effects are carefully chosen to create the most impact! The perfect ICE BREAKER!

His props are ordinary everyday things, such as; Coins and bills, Hershey Kisses, paper, PLAYING CARDS and most importantly YOUR MIND!!

Your Hands Become the STAGE

The Lasting Impact YOU Deserve

What Makes His Magic So Special?


But it goes way beyond what any one has ever seen a magician do up close.

Strolling Entertainment is commonly known as CLOSE-UP MAGIC...

Shaun will stroll in and around your event weaving a charming and entertaining web of illusion.

Shaun meets, greets and mixes with your guests creating new connections and encouraging interaction among your arriving attendees.


Interactive magic and mind reading performed just for you, right at your table side and in YOUR hands. Minds are read, playing cards, coins even Hershey Kisses come to life in Shaun's hands.

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He dazzles you with his sleight of hand, his charming personality guarantees that everyone is respected and cordially invited into his inner circle of magical entertainment!

Everyone is treated with the utmost professionalism so no one walks away feeling like they’ve been made to be the fool.